You can spend your free time being watching entertainment videos or you can learn how to use the most powerful Website building engine in the world and become a Website designer, and make some money on the side!

Anyone can now create and maintain beautiful websites with learning only few basic techniques.

In our 30 Days, Crash Course, we teach you how to make the websites with important concepts

This is also a great course for any person excited by the idea of making extra money as a freelance web developer.



Basic of Networks
Basic of Internet
Website Basics
Web Hosting Basics
Types of Hosting Packages
Defining Name Servers
Basics of Domain
Registering Domain
Basic of Web Space
Registering Web Space
Using Control Panels
Themes & Plugins
Creating Slider, Pictures, Info, Videos, Scrolling Text etc
Downloading Content
Creating Enquiry Form
Creating Emails in cPanel
Basics of SEO
Importance of SEO
Optimization basics
Basics of SSL


Course Details:

Length of Course : 30 Days

Course Type : Crash Course

Course Fee : Rs. 3500/-


Contacts : Ara, Bhojpur (Bihar)


Ahad House, Choudhriyana, Ara

Contact No. : 7301691786

More courses will be introduced soon..