About FlyTech.in
FlyTech.in is a platform to provide Custom Softwares, Websites and Bulk SMS service since 2003.
All software products developed under guidence of The Real Users
What is FlyTech My Business?
After successfully providing services since almost 15 years we are now want to provide an opportunity to those who want to work in their city without pressure and target with huge profit.
How FlyTech My Business works?
Under FlyTech My Business opportunity you can earn unlimited income..
Following are our most successful Software products
1. Account+ : School Accounting Software - Price Rs. 7500/-
2. eResult : Progress Report Software for CBSE based schools - Price Rs. 6000/-
3. Easybusi : GST Billing Software for small business - Price Rs. 6000/-
How we will earn?
you will get unlimited copies of above software products FREE for 1 year by just investing Rs. 25000 once in a year.
How much we can earn in a year?
Suppose you sale 50 copies of software products in a year and suppose average cost is 5000 then you will earn 50x5000 = 2,50000 in a year..
you have invested Rs.25000 so 2,50000-25000=2,25000
You will earn net profit of Rs. 2,25000 by just selling 50 copies of software products in a year.
yes, these are all depends on your affort, dedication..
You may sell either 20 copies or 100 copies in a year, all depends on you...
You will get unlimited copies FREE for 1 Year.