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One of the World’s Fastest PC Cleaner & Data Protector

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Do you have Laptop/Desktop with latest Antivirus?

Do you know still your laptop/desktop may be slow, hang etc because of junk files? Use Quick Clean Professional to avoid these problems and make your PC totally clean. Quick Clean Professional also develop to protect your important data..

Run your PC at Peak Performance

Whenever we run any application in our PC, the apps keeps some temp files. Sometime when we close the app after use, the temp files still present in our PC. Lots of temp files or junk files can slow our PC. Quick Clean Pro is designed to clean these junk files in seconds and make the PC clean to run the PC at peak performance.

Protect your important data

Quick Clean Pro is not only developed to clean your PC, it will also help to protect your important data. There are great features like USB Port lock, File Copy Protection, Quick Clean Eye etc that can help you to secure your important files and data.

Cleaner Features

  • Cleans Junk Files in Seconds
  • Scan all drives to find and clean junk files
  • Optimizes Memory
  • Search and Remove Empty Folders
  • Search and Remove Duplicate Files
  • Scan and Fix Windows Registry
  • Auto Cleanup

Data Protection Features

  • Hide folders with password
  • Hide drive with password
  • Password manager
  • File copy protection
  • Lock USB ports
  • Create undeletable folder to keep your important files safe
  • Quick Clean Eye – Silently monitor every activities on the PC and generate report
Download Quick Clean Pro

Compatible With Windows7

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